Understanding The 6 Seasons of Bass Fishing

One way to improve your bass fishing is to understand what the bass are doing during each of the seasons. Having this knowledge will help you zero in on the spots to fish and the lures to use.

Wait...6 Seasons!? Well kind of. You see Spring is such a critical season for bass fishing and so much is going on that you can split it into 3 seasons in one. In Spring you have the Pre Spawn, Spawn and Post Spawn. 

Bass can be found in different areas in each of these stages during the Spring and will react to different lures in each stage. It's important to understand their tendencies because this can be the time of season to catch a true lunker largemouth.

There are some important things to key in on in each of the seasons that will surely help your bass fishing game. The below graphic sums it up pretty good and the associated link leads to an article that is well written on the subject.

Source: Fix.com Blog

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