Are lizrads good bass bait?

by Kaylee
(North Port, Florida)

Brown Anole - Photo Courtesy of  Wikipedia

Brown Anole - Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Q. I live in Florida and am wondering if live lizards(not salamanders) are good bass bait.

The lizards are called brown anoles and I caught a bunch of them around my house and I was going to try hooking them behind their front leg, does anyone think this will work?

A. Hi Kaylee, while I don't have experience using live lizards, my immediate thought is that soft plastic lizards are one of the best bass catching lures you can use. This being the case I don't see why you see the same results using live lizards.

There is a reason that people land lunker bass on plastic lizards. And if bass slam life like minnow baits and do the same with live shiners and the such then it only makes sense that live lizards may also be the ticket.

Anything is worth a try especially when you know the potential is there.

I am interested to see if any of our visitors reply with their experiences using them.

Thanks for your question and good luck!

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