A pond devoid of bass?

by Del Schumaker
(Winston -Salem, NC )

Q. Recently found a pond that must be 50 yrs old, man-made. Severely overgrown with trees & bushes, some access points natural some I made. Anyway, caught some big slab crappies, bream, sunfish but not one single bass. Now this pond has two ponds on either side, couple of hundred yards apart with plenty of bass. I keep going back to see if I'm not losing my mind.

It has that green pollen like scum on it, moves with the wind & the like, but this pond is screaming "There's bass in here! " at my fishing sensibilities. Is it a possibility that there are absolutely no bass in there? I've fished small ponds all my life down here in NC, always fished for & caught bass in all ponds I've been to. This pond has me stumped!

The bream & bluegills hit bass lures, I've hooked small bream & sunfish fished them too, but to no avail. Thinking about bringing some bass down there to see what happens. Any advice that I've already probably answered already in my rant?

A. I definitely feel your frustration Del. Sounds like you have put your time I'm so not going to tell you to keep trying.

I had some thoughts on a similar question here.

In that question our visitor mentioned the same thing about catching only panfish. So the only thing that comes to mind is to try lures that resemble those sunfish, bream and blue gill. And maybe go a little bigger if those panfish are going after your lures.

I hope your persistence is rewarded and you wind up catching those bass. If so make sure you come back and let us know.

Thanks for stopping by Del and good luck.


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