6 Hot Lures For Winter Bass Fishing

Using these lures can keep the action from turning as cold as the weather

It takes a hardcore angler to do some winter bass fishing. And that’s what we are, right? But what lures are going to reward your dedication and catch you some bass in the frigid temperatures of winter months?

6 Winter Bass Fishing Lures

Before we go there let's talk winter bass fishing techniques. Every angler has their own opinion and experience on what works and what doesn't so let’s talk facts.

Bass are cold blooded animals. Why does this matter? Well their body temperature will match the water temperature. When the water cools, a bass’ internal temp will drop which will in turn cause their metabolism to drop. 

Check here for more on largemouth bass metabolism and the effects of the cold on their feeding habits.

Why does this matter?

When metabolism drops there is no need for a bass to expend energy to stuff its face. This is why you hear bass are lethargic during winter.

Those are the facts.

Now how does that dictate our fishing technique? If fish are not into feeding then we have to make a presentation that will get their attention and make them want to strike. We got to work harder to get that bite.

Based on the above information, we should exclude things like fast moving cranks or burning spinnerbaits through the water. Presentations should be slow.

What about size? Well that’s another topic. Although most believe if you are going to entice a lethargic bass then you should give him a reason to move, like a big juicy looking bait but as I said, we’ll take a look at that theory another time.

So if slow is the way to go. Then here are 6 lures that you can use for success in winter bass fishing.

  1. Jigs - Working a jig around different types of structure can be very productive. Slowly shake and shimmy a jig around points, bottom transitions where soft areas turn to rocky areas and anywhere you may find isolated cover.
  2. Spoons - Spoons can be used when fishing offshore structure like humps or on cover you identify around creek and riverbeds. Drop a spoon over these areas and just let it slowly fall and flutter to the bottom. Once there you can slowly raise and drop a few times before trying again.
  3. Carolina Rigged Plastics - Rigging a worm on a Carolina rig can be really effective during the winter months. Drag them around points and off of ledges
  4. Suspending jerkbaits - Casting a jerkbait and then working it down deep. Make the pauses between jerks just a little longer and hold on.
  5. Swimbaits - This is another bait that is easy to work slow around various cover and structure. Use swimbaits with minimal action. No need for paddle tails.

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