White Bass Fishing - Everything You Need To Know for Non-Stop Action

White bass fishing is a real blast! You can catch so many that you'll wind up going home with a sore arm and some great memories. Once you find a school of "sandies" it is possible to catch one on every cast for few unforgettable minutes. Then you can pick up and find them again and repeat the process.

But you got to know where to find them and what to use. That's what this section of the "Source" is dedicated to.

What they look like

Also known as Sand Bass, these fish can make for a great time for the entire family because of the potential of nonstop action when you find a school of them hanging around an underwater hump, staging around an old roadbed and especially during the annual spring time run.

This cousin of the striped bass has some similar attributes. Make sure you know what your catching to stay within your local regulations. Learn how to identify the white bass so that you can get ready to load that stringer up.

What lures to use

What these fish lack in size they make up for in numbers if you know how and when to fish for them. During the spring run, these bass will strike at just about anything. But there are some white bass lures that will really grab their attention, not only during spring but year round. So make sure you know what they are and load up on them before you head out.

The best techniques

These fish go wild while spawning, so much so that you can limit within a couple of hours on a good day. They are fun to catch and have made for some real enjoyable times for my family, especially the kids.

There are many ways to fish for sandbass and many places to look for them. A few simple white bass techniques will help ensure you max out your limit on these great fish.

It's definitely an opportunity to travel light and just have a great day fishing. See what has proven to be successful in going after the white bass.

Learn how to target white bass on roadbeds.

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Load of White Bass

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