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Fall Fishing really isn't that good!?! I'm not missing I? - B-F-S Newsletter, #002
October 10, 2012

Somebody pleeeease tell me this is true! Ugh, of course it's not.

Fall actually thought by most to be the best time to be out on the water and start slaying the bass.

I hope you have had more time than I have to get out and experience the fall bite as the temps have started to drop. If you've been out once in the past 6 weeks then you've been out more than I have. :(

In this issue:

My pledge to myself :). Join me:

With a daughter in high school Color Guard, a son in Pee Wee football and another son in middle school band, there just isn't enough time for me to get the boat out on the water. I know I'm missing some great fishing.

I'm sure I'm not alone out there so if you have found yourself in the same "boat", I propose a challenge for all of us. Before our next newsletter, which should be in one month, lets make time to get out on that water and enjoy what should be the best time of year for bass fishing!

And if you manage to hook anything, big, small, few or many, we would like to see and hear about it. Come by and share your story at our Bass Fishing Pics page

Those of you who have been able to get free and enjoy the fishing, come by and let us know whats going on too!

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My game-plan for October bass:

We should be finding bass shallow because the bait is shallow. Here are some tactics I will be keying on when I head out.

  • I will be looking to hit up wind blown points and flats, with focus on any part that has some form of structure, be it a brush pile, rock or drop off. Casting to the bank and working my way back.
  • I will be trying primarily spinnerbaits, suspending jerkbaits and jigs. Jigs with a soft swimbait trailer that provides a lot of movement should work well.
  • I will also see what the backs of the creeks have to offer along with some of the coves.

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Once again, thank you for subscribing and until next time... Happy Bass Fishing!


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