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The B-F-S Newsletter, #001 -- How To Find Bass in September!
August 29, 2012

First of all I want to say thanks to all of you for subscribing to our newsletter. I am going to strive to make this worth your reading and provide information that will help you in seeking out and landing all kinds of bass!

So Let's get this started. Here is what you'll find in our 1st issue:

September's Bassin Tip:

As the weather starts changing and cooling down, some anglers will start to see the bass fishing getting a little tougher.

Where you used to find bass standing on off shore structure or mid-lake humps for a good while of the summer day, at this time of year you may find them for a few minutes and then they're are gone.

Bass start transitioning to shallower parts of the water but it can be erratic depending on your part of the country, which has an effect on the conditions.

As always the key thing to focus on is finding the forage. Search out for the bait fish and you should find the bass not too far behind.

But where do you start looking for bait fish? My first suggestion is to try to get out on a slightly windy day. If you can be out on the water when the wind is blowing and getting some good movement going in the water then you can focus on wind blown structure, like humps or points.

The current from the wind will be pushing bait up against these areas along with wind blown shorelines. Start in these areas and you should start to see some hook ups and on the road to figuring out those finicky September bass.

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