Striped Bass Lures That Will Catch Trophy Stripers.

One of the biggest questions anglers have is what striped bass lures we should use when hitting the water in search of stripers.

While the list can be quite extensive, there are a few things that seem to work really good. Let's take a look at some of the most popular in both artificial and live bait.

Artificial Lures

The most popular Striped bass lures for those that prefer to go the artificial route, are top water/surface lures, of course taking into consideration the fishing conditions. The big reason they are so popular is they are just plain fun. Picture jerking or popping a topwater across the surface of quiet body of water and then out of nowhere a beast of stiper busting through and nabbing that poor lure. Yeah, can you feel the adrenaline flowing just talking about it? Thought so.

Wondering what lures will get you more Stripers? Need to know when and where to use lures for more hook ups? If you're not using one of these 5 lures you're wasting your time.

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Knowing these lures is a must.

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If they aren't hitting the topwater another very popular lure is a soft swimbait attached to a jig head. We're talking about Sassy Shad lures, or their variations, seen in the pic below. Jigging these things absolutely slays them and are very effective striped bass lures.

In addition to those top water lures and soft swimbaits, you should make sure you are carrying some shallow running crankbaits and deep divers as well as your jigs and spoons to cover all levels of the water table.

Other plastic lures such as bombers and redfins all work. When choosing a lure the profile and movement of the fish you are trying to mimic are more important than the color since stripers don't have the same rods and cones as the human eye.

Really the possibilities are endless. From swimmers, spoons, plugs and especially soft plastic shad, try any of these out and see what is going to produce results for you.

Shad and Other Live Bait

I got to say my preference when it comes to striped bass lures is actually not a lure, it is live bait. Just the whole experience of going out and catching our own bait and then using that to catch a ton of stripers is just a rewarding experience.

Live Shad for Striped Bass

As stated on the Striped Bass page we'll take our net and scoop up the native bait which usually consists of baby shad and ghost minnows. We have had great success with these and some will swear by it but don't be afraid to try some other proven techniques that include many great artificial baits and lures.

Shad is definitely the bait of choice when using live bait. Especially if you get it from the place you'll be fishing at. Now I stated that we usually just hook that bait securely to the hook which usually means we're fishing with dead bait but like I said it has produced results. Most people though will tell you should keep your bait as live as possible and really you should. This will give a presentation to the striped bass that is natural and should get them to strike more often than not.

The usual way to keep your bait kickin on the line is to hook right through the lips or nostrils. Others may hook right through the flesh in the back under the fin.

Which ever way you hook that live bait, you're guaranteed to catch some stripers.

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