Pro Angler Sabrina Thompson, Helping To Bring New Fans To Bass Fishing

Who is Sabrina Thompson

Sabrina Thompson was recently profiled on our local News station in D/FW. She is a Pro Angler and was participating in that weekend's Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Central Opens.

So what's the big deal?

She was the first black woman to ever compete in the bass fishing tournament.

In the story Sabrina talks about opening doors for women in bass fishing. She also hopes that her story will help minorities get noticed in this great sport, a group that tends to get overlooked by sponsors and vendors.

Sabrina Thompson has a great story about her discovery of her love for fishing and her journey to becoming a Pro Angler. She serves as the Vice President of the International Federation of Black Bass Anglers. And has a non-profit organization "Texas Wrangling Anglers", where she teaches women and children the basics of fishing. Read more about Sabrina Thompson

10 Questions

Sabrina was gracious enough to answer a few questions for We wanted to know about Sabrina the Pro Angler and her take on the sport.

  1. How do you prepare for a tournament?

    I start by researching the lake I'm going to. Finding out about the characteristics of the lake. Finding out about the weather and the season all will determine what the fish will be doing.
  2. Do you ever get nervous?

    I'm always nervous up until the point that I launch my boat.
  3. What’s the hardest part about being a Pro Angler?

    Being expected to win every tournament that you fish.
  4. What is the biggest tip you could offer to those that are just getting into bass fishing?

    I would tell them to make sure they get reasonable priced bass fishing equipment. They don't have to buy anything expensive but the cheapest equipment will only make them frustrated when they can't get it to do what they need it to do. Then they will become discouraged and will give up. So buy something nice and reasonable, take your time and get to know the lake and to watch the lake more than they watch the fish finder. The lake will also give you the best indicators as to where the bass are and what they are eating or attacking.
  5. What is the biggest “rookie” mistake you have ever made while fishing that others could learn from?

    When I first started fishing professionally I started out as a co-angler. I made the mistake of having more that 5 rods with me and I spent the majority of the time trying to untangle my rods to use them. The most I have ever need was 5. Each one rigged differently. Once I realized the pattern that worked for me I stayed with that same rod the rest of the day!
  6. We know that conditions play a factor in the bass lure you use, but is there any one type of lure that you find yourself using more than any other and why? (crankbait, swimbait, jig, soft plastics)

    I really like soft plastics. I can manipulate the lure to swim the way I need it to by either clipping them of cutting them and also I can make them move a certain way simply by manipulating my rod and reel.
  7. What is your favorite rig, Texas, Carolina or Dropshot?

    Texas rigging is my most favorite set-up.
  8. Fishing is not good when the wind blows out of the east, or when the moon is 9:00 in the sky and other “facts” of fishing we have all heard. What is the biggest myth that you have discovered in bass fishing?

    I've always heard that having a banana on your boat is bad luck. Don't know how true that is but I never believed it.
  9. How does it feel to break into a sport that most people consider a man’s sport?

    It feels pretty good to help be one of the pioneers that are opening doors for other women to see and say to themselves "If that lady can get out there and fish, I certainly can do it too!" Women have for years been made to feel guilty for enjoying life. If they're having fun, they feel bad if the family is at home and not doing the same. I love my family, but life is far too short to not enjoy. So they can either come with me and have fun, or they can stay at home and just hear about me having fun!! Smile Fishing has taught me to control my anxiety, and helps me to de-stress. I can solve the problems of the world just by being on the lake fishing!
  10. Besides winning tournaments, what do you hope to accomplish as a professional angler and your recent exposure as the first black woman to compete in the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Central Open?

    We are living in different times. People need to see that the sport of Bass fishing is not like it used to be. It has evolved into a great and very popular sport. Once upon a time if you told someone you were fishing for a living, you would automatically lose 10 points off you IQ score. For years anglers have been stereotyped. We were at one time considered uneducated folks who didn't know how to do anything but fish. 

    But I'm here to tell you that we are educated and sophisticated people. We are Doctors and Lawyers, Scientist, Engineers, Professors, Executives, Administrators, Managers and Homemakers. We are Fathers and Mothers, Daughters and Sons, Husbands and Wives. We come from different cultures and backgrounds. We are made up of all different colors! We all have found that fountain of youth that so many have been searching for, for many years. Anglers and the best people you could ever come to know! That's because our office is on the lake!

Bass-Fishing-Source would like to thank Sabrina for taking the time to chat with us and we wish you the best of luck in the future!

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