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Mr. Pham Tells Us About His Swimbaits And Upcoming Lures

Swimbaits are great during the pre-spawn season. Throw them across the fish's nest and then slow roll it back. At times, you can drop the bait right in their nest and pop it a couple times to get a reaction bite.

The Real Fish Bait Goldfish & Bluegill series is great during this time. The Goldfish (Koi or Dark Goldfish) baits are great to use in murky or stained water because they show up well in the water and bass just hate goldfish & bluegills that eat their eggs and they will CRUSH them.

Normally you would take the treble hook off in shallow waters so you don't get snagged in rocks, trees or other debris.

When fishing in open water, the treble hook usually stays on.

For those who like to troll, you can even use these swimbaits to troll for stripers, trout, & salmon. The Tilapia series swimbaits are great swimmers and can produce big fish. Be sure to use a swivel to reduce the tangle in the line. Keep the speed between 1.5-2.5 mph when trolling. You can use a down rigger with a flasher in front of the bait.

Anytime you throw these baits, be sure to use some type of scent. I like using the Pro-Cure threadfin shad, trophy bass, crawdad, or trout scent. It holds onto the bait for a long time and it creates that trail of scent that fish love.

Real Fish Bait Company looks for forage baits that live in lakes, rivers and oceans that fish feed on, then duplicates its and creates a color pattern that will work for different types of water.

The most common bluegill in the USA is the shell cracker and pumpkinseed. Goldfish color is also common in many lakes and river systems. Recently tilapia was introduced to some lakes down south and in Mexico. These fish multiply fast and make great forage food for the bass and stripers. Our Tilapia series are great for those waters and imitates it well.

Many pike and musky anglers have great success with our Goldfish and Tilapia series. Swim it faster than normal because these fish love to chase fast moving baits.

We also have many successful saltwater anglers hooking up with tarpon, sea trout, red drum and others on the Tilapia series. These baits imitate small surf perch and baitfish. When fishing in the deep ocean, find a bait ball, drop these swimbaits down to that depth then you can vertical jig or retrieve them back slow to keep it down deep.

The Goldfish series are great for rock cod, ling-cod, sea bass, groupers, halibut and other bottom dwellers. You can tie these swimbaits onto a diamond jig to get it down faster, then just jig them near the bottom. The bright goldfish color shows up well in the water and the fish will devour the bait. Be sure to change the treble hook to a bigger, saltwater hook. You can also use a 3-way swivel with the swimbait.

Real Fish Bait Company will be rolling out their new Shad, Baby Bass and Trout swimbaits soon. We will also be branching out and creating new 2 & 4 blade spinnerbaits, as well as finesse worms, and topwater baits such as the snake and frog lure.

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