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I want to tell you about a few really cool and very useful tools from the good people at Bass Minder.

I just received my Line Reminder Stickers, pretty quickly I should add, and man I could almost kick myself for not getting some of these sooner.

The idea is very simple but I guarantee, if you're like me, you don't pay nearly enough attention to the small details like how long the line that is currently on your reels has been spooled on there.

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Its details like this that make the difference in catching that trophy lunker or just having a story to tell about the one that got away.

I mean we're talking for less than 7 bucks you have a convenient way of remembering how long that line has been on your reel and even more importantly, what kind and what test is spooled on your reels.

When I saw this it was such a no-brainer for me. I have several different rod and reel combos for different techniques which could have all kinds of different line and strength types. Not to mention have all been spooled at different times of the year.

This simple little tool takes all the guess work out of the age and type of line you have on your reels so you can focus more on actual fishing. You can virtually eliminate snapping lines because you forgot that was actually 6 pound monofilament instead of 12 pound fluro on your spinning reel or because you couldn't remember that the last time you changed that braid was nearly 2 springs ago and it has been roughed up by all kinds of water structure and other line destroying factors.

All this results in giving you a better chance at catching more and bigger fish.

And that's just the Line Reminder stickers offered by Bass Minder.

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They also have a line and lure selection guide that will help you select the proper line and lure for your fishing conditions. Very valuable information that no true angler should be without.

And to round off their selection of helpful products that will help you put more bass in the boat by letting you focus on fishing, is their Tackle Minder stickers. These will help you keep your tackle boxes organized and labeled for quick identification when you figure that pattern out and need to quickly adjust your plan of attack.

Guys, I can't tell you enough how useful all these tools from Bass Minder are. You need to pick a few up, actually they have a deal if you purchase all 4 to save you a little money. Check them out now and get your focus back to what matters, catching fish.

Line Reminder Stickers

Don't let the big one get away because it was too late when you finally remembered how old that line on your reel was or even what kind it was. You'll always know whats on your reel when you use the Line Reminder Stickers.

Bass Minder® Line Reminder Stickers - $5.99 (each)

Line Selection Guide

Different lines work best in different situations and with different lures. To maximize your catch, make sure you know the best combination. And BassMinder has just what you need to help you do just that with the Line Selection Guide. Peel and stick or keep in your tackle box as is.

Bass Minder® Line Selection Guide - $5.99 (each)

Russ Lane Pro Series Tackle Minder Labels

Have you ever been in that situation where you need to change out that lure right away but you spend precious time fumbling through your tackle boxes to find those crankbaits? Quit wasting time and know what you have in those boxes with the Tackle Minder labels. Bright and easy to read labels make it simple to know what's in each of your boxes.

Bass Minder® Tackle Minder- $6.49 (each)

Lure Selection Guide

This easy to read chart helps ensure you are using the lure that gives you the best chance of loading up on fish based on the water conditions and temperature. Its critical that you find out what the fish are biting on and do it quickly. The Lure Selection Guide helps you spend more time catching and less time guessing.

Bass Minder® Lure Selection Guide - $5.99 (each)

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